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Treating Dry Eye Symptoms

Treatment Options

There are many treatment options available to treat and manage dry eye. Occasionally, multiple therapies may be combined to alleviate your dry eye symptoms.

There has been a common misconception that once dry eye symptoms have subsided, you no longer have to continue using the drops or therapies prescribed by your doctor. This is not true! Dry Eye is a chronic disease. Once you discontinue your dry eye regimen, the symptoms will come back!

Therapies must be constantly maintained to keep the symptoms of dry eye at bay.


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  1. Artificial Tears, Gels or Ointments (preservative free is recommended when available)
  2. Blinking exercises to stimulate meibomian gland oil excretion
  3. Lid Hygiene (Occusoft Lid Scrubs, We Love Eyes Lid Cleaner)
  4. Warm Compresses (The Eye Doctor Plus Hot/Cold Compress Mask)
  5. Moisture Chamber Goggles (Tranquileyes)
  6. Omega-3 Oils (Hydroeye, or PRN)
  7. Punctal Occlusion (in-office procedure)
  8. Adenova (now available without a precription)
  9. Restasis or Xiidra (Rx Only)
  10. Meibomian gland expression (in-office procedure)
  11. Intense Pulsed Light